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Although our shop isn't always perfectly clean, we always welcome a friend coming by. If you live in the Edmonton area, why not save on shipping and stop by for a quick visit. or just grab your product and go... haha

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-  R E V I E W S  -


This is an awesome camera strap, simply put. very trendy and looks good with any camera, i myself put it on a Sony A6000. it is MUCH more comfortable than the strap that comes with most cameras, and again, looks a lot better too. thank you for this great product and i wish you all the best

Gabriel McCarthy // July 3, 2019


This belt is beautiful. Thick, high quality leather with a lovely finish. I loved the use of thick thread instead of rivets to secure the buckle - it feels more organic and clean. Packaging was minimal and beautiful - I love the stamped letters and overall presentation. Thank you.

Kara Au // Sep 12, 2019


I absolutely love it. This keychain will be with me for years to come until one day I hand it down to my son. Words can't express the quality of craftsmanship in this keychain. It brings me joy to know I can support families like your own and also receive amazing quality goods at the same time. I can't wait to tell people about the amazing handcrafted keychain I now wear.

Chris Partridge // August 6th, 2019