Hilltribe is a collection of bespoke Leather and Waxed Canvas goods, all made to order, one of a kind, custom offerings. I know that leather bags are an investment, and are made to be heirloom pieces that you will love a lifetime, and I know that no two humans are the same, we are all unique in our lives, and what we need out of a bag daily. This is why I create custom bags, sometimes, just a textile is changed, and sometimes we start from scratch in the design process, but the end product should be an item you know you will love and use.

Everything in our shop I do our best to source ethically, using local or canadian suppliers for all our leather and hardware. I belive in using only the best materials I can find, and every part of the process is done by me. From sourcing the materials, creating a design, cutting the leather, hand stitching leather (or machine stitching canvas) adding on hardware and packaging your item. If you have any questions about the materials used, feel free to reach out.


Who I am

Hi, Iā€™m Kristen, the owner and maker behind the hilltribe collection. I have been working with Waxed Canvas and leather along side my husband, Isaac the owner of Fieldwork Company, since 2016. I am a mother, of two incredible daughters, Sawyer Luna (two) and Poppy Ray (Newborn) and they are the reason behind everything I do. I believe strongly in raising them to follow their dreams, and leading by example, which is how Hilltribe came to be. I want them to grow up knowing that creativity, hard work, imagination, and family are the norm, and they see these values daily.

I love fashion, and textiles. I belive in Slow Fashion, Ethical sourcing, and shopping small, and try to do this in my daily life as often as I can. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and am so grateful for some of the knowledge I learned as Isaac and I have embarked on working for ouselves.



I love basics in fashion, you will rarely find me in anything but neutrals, however there is something I find facinating about embroidery and vintage textiles. I love the history and the art. I source all of our textiles from the hilltribes of thailand, supporting women run businesses. I know the name of each woman who has gone out to find, wash and send your textile to me to be repurposed into its new home. Each has lived a life before, and they will all be unique, and may have some imperfections. This is what we love. They are handmade, and not mass produced, and as the traditional tribal garments are being made less and less these beautiful art pieces telling of history and culture are becoming more rare.


our story

Hilltribe would not exist without my Husband, Isaac. As he began Fieldwork, he encouraged me to add some baby goods, such as diaper clutches into our shop, and slowly this evolved from Diaper Clutches, to Diaper Totes, to Waxed Canvas Backpacks, to Leather Goods.