No. 01 Camera Strap (with marking)

No. 01 Camera Strap (with marking)

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We make a ton of these camera straps. but not all of them pass through our Quality control (AKA me)

I do my best to make sure each product is represented by its listing perfectly. But working with real leather, you're going to find imperfections, markings left by a life lived. Personally, I find these markings beautiful.

Any strap purchased through this listing will be 100% functional. and just as durable as the original. You will however find some kind of minor visual uniqueness (that's what I'm calling it) it could be a little scar in the leather, or it could be a dye job that was too dark, or light (it happens 🤷🏼‍♂️)


If this listing says "SOLD OUT" check back often as I will be refreshing inventory on a regular basis