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Keith & William

Leader Wallet

Leader Wallet

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Introducing our Fly Fishing Leader Wallet, the ultimate accessory for the serious angler. Expertly crafted in Canada using only the finest materials, this wallet is designed to keep your leaders organized and easily accessible while out on the water.

The exterior of the wallet is made from durable 19oz Marten Waxed Canvas, providing exceptional protection against the elements and ensuring long-lasting performance. The 100% cotton interior liner offers a soft and comfortable surface for your leaders, preventing them from getting tangled or damaged.

This wallet features 6 pockets and for storing leaders from 6x, all the way up to 1X, allowing you to easily find the right one while you're on the water. The fold-over design and secure elastic closure keeps your leaders in place, while the compact size makes it easy to slip into a pocket or tackle bag.

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