Hi, my names Isaac 

Iā€™m a leatherworker, and a photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Ive practised leather-craft for the past decade. My love for minimalism bleeds into all my work, and the products I create.

A few years ago I got my first Film Camera. It was an old Pentax ā€”ā€” I found at a antique mall. I will thrilled to bring it home and start using it.

As a leather worker, I knew i wanted to design a beautiful camera strap for it. Thats when I created the No. 1 Camera Strap. Made out of 6oz hand selected leather. And solid brass components. Finished with bergamot infused oil conditioner to soften the leather, and also make it smell beautiful.

This piece has now become our best selling product. And even though I make alot of them, I still make them one at a time, with care and attention to detail. Each strap will age, and as it is exposed to the natural elements, it will develop a patine that is especially unique to how you use it.