Our products are designed, and built to last. and with proper use and care, they will surely become heirlooms to hand down.


For our waxed canvas products, we recommend applying wax conditioner every 3-4 years, or as needed. some great brands include Martexin Canvas Conditioner, Otter Wax, and of course nothing beats some good old fashioned beeswax, rubbed on, and lightly heated until absorbed into the fibers.



When it comes to our leather products, we use a high grade vegetable tanned leather. direct exposure to water is not recommended, as when it drys the water will take a lot of the natural oils out. if your leather wallet is ever fully immersed in water please allow to dry, then apply a generous amount neatsfoot oil, this product can be found at any leather store, and many shoe stores. another thing we would like to advise is every 6-12 months lightly apply some quality leather conditioner. again, this can be found at most leather/boot stores