The Hilltribe collection began when I (Kristen) went looking for vintage embroidered textiles. Hand embroidered pieces, whether in fabric, clothing or decor just spoke to me, the work that goes into each and every tiny stitch, the embroidery in itself just feels like art, and I wanted to create something with it. Through my search for embroidered pieces with a story, I found the Hmong Hill Tribes of northern Thailand. Through speaking with Kai, and getting to know her and her story, I fell in love with the pieces created here, as well as the story behind them.

The majority of our textiles are found through a lovely human, Kai, who supports her whole family with her business. When I am looking for vintage textiles, we like to know who we are getting them from, and how they were sourced. I am a huge advocate of ethical, sustainable fashion, and want to know the human being behind what vintage textiles I am getting. What their story is and where these pieces come from. I want to know I am paying them fairly for their work, and the time they put into searching out these pieces, taking them off the traditional tribal garments, and hand washing them, before sending these works of art my way.

if you have any questions, email me directly!