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Who We Are

We are a family run businese out of Edmonton, AB. We strive to create high quality handmade goods for the outdoors, using tratidional materials such as vegetable tanned leather and water resistant waxed canvas. we believe all things should be made well, and done well. 

Our Story

I started Fieldwork about two years ago. I  had a passion for working with leather and had started exploring the medium of waxed canvas. I began making products for myself, products I couldn't quite find in stores. I loved the traditional look and feel that waxed canvas and leather had, and how they just seemed to ‘go’ together, and how they made such an incredibly strong product. That has always been something that was very important to me; the durability and longevity of a product. So to answer your question, I guess what truly inspired me was my love for beautiful, well made and good quality goods. Actually having people who wanted to buy what I had managed to create was just a bonus in the end.

-Isaac Haines

photo by Marielle Elizabeth


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